Camp Rules

  1. Dress Appropriatley.

    1. >​ Please wear close-toe shoes ONLY.  Flip-flips or open-toe shoes can cause issues when on stage due to cables or when playing outside.  This is for your child's saftey.


    3. > No Spaghetti straps, dresses/skirts, or short shorts.  We are representing God and need to put forth our best self for Him.  If your child does wear a skirt or dress, please make sure they are also wearing appropriate length shorts underneath.

  2. Respect Everyone.

    1. > "So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them.." Matthew 7:12a 


    3. > Respect each camper, youth, and adult in the building regardless of whether they are part of camp.  

  3. Respect the Building.

    1. > God has blessed us with a great place to hold our camp.  If you see trash on the ground, pick it up and throw it away, even if it is not yours.  Clean up your area, help keep the bathrooms clean, and don't damage anything.

Music on a Mission 2019

Welcome!  We are so glad you are interested in our Music on a Mission Camp.  

Please look over all the information below before registering your children.  

We look forward to seeing how God will work!   In Christ, Tiffany

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